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 80C            Hospital Bed Caster
Threaded stem swivel with brake
Commonly used medical casters, covering all plastic main frame wheels.Suitable for medical equipment and hospital beds. The products are certified by SGS,TUV,etc. The appearance and structure have independent intellectual property rights.
Matching Wheel:   PU on plastic core
Wheel Material Code:  80C_PUPS
Diameter: 4" 5"
Capacity: 100KG 125KG

Products ID

Wheel size Plate swivel Plate swivel single brake Plate swivel double brake Threaded stem Threaded stem single brake Threaded stem double brake Insert  stem Insert stem single  brake Insert stem double brake
4" 80C04-1704 80C05-1704 80C06-1704 80C13-1704 80C14-1704 80C15-1704 80C22-1704 80C23-1704 80C24-1704
5" 80C07-1705 80C08-1705 80C09-1705 80C16-1705 80C17-1705 80C18-1705 80C25-1705 80C26-1705 80C27-1705
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