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Customized Product? No problem:

Any customized requirements about caster?
SHENPAI will offer you a solution in 24 hours. Becasue we have one-step service, 24-hour customized program. At present, there are more than 8000 conventional products, more than 20000 parts, 42 testing subjects and more than 200 customized projects annually.

19 Engineers & Tech-Support Staffs
Product engineer, structure engineer, process engineer, mould engineer, material engineer, electric control engineer, standardization engineer

1 Stop Service for Customization and R&D Support
The whole production process, the whole process control, all aspects of testing

200+ customized cases per year
Products development, project customization standard product modification

42 standard test for casters
Our test could make your requirement into specified test figures. We could also grad the exact tech parameter for you

8000+ different caster items on sale
Only half of them included as standard products in product manual

20000+ parts for casters are ready for your customized solutions
With a rich library of parts, old materials are replaced by new ones daily
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