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  • Startup Brand 

     In the early 90's, Yang Jianping, as a worker in a state-owned enterprise, was selected as a workshop director. Despite his high technical level and characteristics of hard work , he was not good at handling complicated interpersonal relationships, and he finally decided to quit after several months of trying. After giving up his stable job, he began to think about the way to make a living. At that time, the textile industry in southern Jiangsu province started to develop, and he learned that the barrels for textile weaving needed a lot of casters. Coming from a technical background, he realized that this was an opportunity, so he borrowed money from his friends and relatives, prepared the equipment and purchased the raw materials, and after numerous attempts, finally produced the casters for textiles.

"At the beginning, I was determined to produce fine casters, just to make a mark, there was no brand awareness in my mind. My zodiac is monkey, corresponding to the character “申”(SHEN) , this character consists of horizontal and vertical lines were easy to process, so I carved into the mold, did not expect to do this for decades." he recalled. In Chinese,”PAI”means “brand”. Therefore,this is the origin of “SHENPAI".

  • Expanding Channels

     With strict control on quality and perfection on details, SHENPAI has gradually gained the recognition of customers. With the growth of market demand, SHENPAI's product line has gradually increased to hundreds of items.


      A few years later, SHENPAI has become famous in Jiangsu Province, SHENPAI began to expand the road of national distribution channels. So far, the sales rose all the way up,the factory moved to an new industrial Park, ushering in the rapid development of the year. The picture shows that at the end of 2006, SHENPAI held the first national distributor conference.
  • Transformation and Development

      As a caster brand, the variety of products and complete processes are both an advantage and a challenge. In the face of many and scattered orders, SHENPAI experienced a series of problems such as delivery difficulties, inventory mismatch and development stagnation. How to continue the road of brand? We also in the continuous development of change to find the answer.

    In terms of hardware, since the introduction of the first original imported robot in 2009, SHENPAI has landed more than 50 sets of automatic production equipment to today's fully automated robot stamping line. Automatic equipment and production line workers work closely together to complete the daily shipment of thousands of products.


In terms of software, the company's informatization is based on ERP, integrating PLM+WMS+MES and other modules to achieve efficient allocation of resources. Raw material batches, equipment information, operation staff and sales channel information can be traced throughout the whole process, and the informationization level of SHENPAI has been in the leading position in the industry.


In terms of research and development, SHENPAI's technical team has 19 engineers, whether it is product mold, or material electric control, etc., 30 years of industry experience in the team precipitation and development. SHENPAI's investment in talent training has won a head start for various customized projects.


Dozens of years of accumulation and inheritance, SHENPAI witnessed the development and rise of China's hardware manufacturing industry, now, SHENPAI to a higher standard, a broader global market, from a small caster, to a bright future!

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