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August Exhibition Express: Vietnam, Thailand Logistics Exhibition

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      In mid-August, Shenpai Caster participated in two logistics exhibitions in Southeast Asia, namely ViLOG in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and TiLOG in Bangkok, Thailand.



     During the exhibition, Shenpai's standard casters are rich in variety and reliable in quality, and have become popular products for local dealers. Whether it is the market feedback of shock-absorbing series casters in Vietnam or the hot sales of 25 series JIS standard casters in Thailand, we can feel the rapid development trend of Southeast Asian manufacturing industry.



     In addition, there are many professional customers in the forklift handling and intelligent storage industry at the logistics exhibition. Shenpai's rich experience in caster projects has attracted customers to stop and communicate on site. Whether it is material technology or functional design, successful project caster cases all demonstrate Shenpai's technical level and industry experience.

     Thanks to distributors in Vietnam and Thailand for their support and customers’ recognition, we will continue to provide customers with professional and high-quality caster products and services.

     SHENPAI Caster @ ViLOG & TiLOG 2023

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