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Suitable for light equipment. Zinc plating, spraying and other bracket treatment matched with TPR wheels, high-quality wear-resistant polyurethane wheels.
  15A             Light Duty Caster (Textile Industry)
Suitable for small movable devices.Zinc-plated brackets matched with rigid polypropylene wheels are resistant to water and oil.
Wheel Diameter: 1" ~ 3"
Capacity Range: 10 - 50 KG
  10B             Micro Duty Caster (Chrome Plated)
Suitable for small movable devices.Chrome-plated brackets matched with soft TPR wheels are ECO-friendly,mute and protect the ground.Chrome-plated brackets matched with durable nylon wheels are water resistant,oil resistant and not easy to age.
Wheel Diameter: 1" ~ 2"
Capacity Range: 10 - 25 KG
  10D            Micro Duty Caster (Stainless Steel)
Suitable for small movable devices.304 stainless steel brackets matched with soft TPR wheels and nylon wheels are water resistant and antirust.
Wheel Diameter: 1.5" ~ 2"
Capacity Range: 30 - 50 KG
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