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Introduction of V3.3 Catalogue

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The catalogue book version has been updated, the latest version is V3.3.The new version of the catalogue book on the product catalog classification (layout) and the foreword part of the adjustment, more clear and quick to find products, choose the right products and intuitively understand SHENPAI.The new version of the catalogue added some new parameters and product upgrade adjustment, to provide you with more, better product choice.

Value of SHENPAI : SHare value with customer, ENdeavor to improve,PAssIon to perfection.

Ⅰ. Catalogue Classification (Layout)

The products are divided into three categories: general casters are classified according to the load capacity -- the load capacity is arranged from small to large; general casters are classified according to the function -- low height, stainless steel, shockproof function, hand cart and accessories; and general casters are classified according to the industry -- medical, forklift and AGV. At the same time, casters are equipped with the load range chart, which makes it easy to choose suitable products directly and quickly.

Ⅱ. The Preface

Catalogue update the company's latest development trends, technical achievements, testing standards, to information, professional development, fast and convenient, professional and mature technology docking, can meet different requirements of the customization needs.The caster selection from the load calculation, material selection, installation methods and matters for attention to do a professional interpretation.

Ⅲ. New product parameters

Some products have been added and improved as follows:

1、18A series added electrophoresis bracket, now can be matched with zinc plating, electrophoresis two surface treatment;

2、20A/35A/35B/36A series have medium and heavy aluminum core polyurethane products, medium plane polyurethane, heavy plane, arc polyurethane;

3、In the 35A/35C/35B series, 4-8 inch add ring brake, removable ring brake;

4、The 8-inch Nylon core rubber wheel of 35A is filled with 4-8 inch specifications;

5、20E series have medium damping wheel, artificial rubber mute damping products;

6、70B series: 2.5-inch forklift damping balance wheel, flange plate type installation;

7、90A series: 2.5-inch, 4-inch AGV matching wheels, optional base plate.

Ⅳ.  Product upgrade and adjustment

1、20A cast iron wheel is upgraded, the original product shaft sleeve is upgraded to double ball bearing, more flexible rotation;

2、32A series product upgrade, wheel blade, product installation parameters fine tuning;

3、The riveted structure of 35A/35B/36A series brake mechanism is changed to nut connection structure, which is convenient for later maintenance and replacement.

If you can't find a suitable product in the product information, you can customize to our company. SHENPAI has a perfect customized process system, rich mature experience and technology.




V3.3 Catalogue Download

If you want to print the catalogue, please click here to fill in the form, our company will be responsible for sending the catalogue to you.

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