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How To Select

1. The weight of a single caster is calculated as follows  
T=(E+Z)/n*s Required load capacity of the wheel or caster    
T=Required load capacity of the wheel or caster    
E=Dead weight of the transport unit     
Z=Maximum additional load    
2. How to choose a product    

How to choose a product focus to consider the following indicators    
  1. (1) Load capacity: According to the load capacity of single wheel, select the series of products that satisfy the performance    
(2) Wheel material: according to the use of the environment to select suitable materials (detailed reference wheel surface material properties comparison table), such as mute selection of soft materials, PU,TPR,rubber,ordinary environmental requirements to promote easy, can choose nylon, pp, high temperature environment to choose high temperature resistant nylon and so on    
(3) Installation mode: according to the connection requirements, choose the plate, threaded stem, top hole, insert stem and other different installation methods    
(4) Functional requirements: need brake selection with brake device products, need buffer balance function to select products with shockproof function    
(5) Wheel diameter size: according to the adaptation height, the larger the wheel diameter of the same product, the lighter the driving force and the larger the load capacity    
(6) Other special requirements, such as high speed (4 km / h of conventional products), ultra-low temperature, etc., can be customized according to requirements    
3. Surface Material Selection Form    
    Selection of tire material
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