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 20E             Medium Duty Caster (Shockproof)
20E TPR刹车
20E TPR万、定
It has spring damping effect.Chrome-plated brackets matched with soft TPR wheels are ECO-friendly and mute.
Matching Wheel:   TPR on plastic core
Wheel Material Code:  20E_TEPS
Diameter: 3" 4" 5"
Capacity: 70KG 80KG 90KG

Products ID

Wheel size Plate swivel Plate fixed Plate swivel brake    
3" 20E01-1593 20E03-1593 20E02-1593    
4" 20E04-1594 20E06-1594 20E05-1594    
5" 20E07-1595 20E09-1595 20E08-1595    
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