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 32A             Leveling Casters
Widely used in equipment caster solutions.Casters can adjust the fulcrum bearing seat for positioning and fixation.
Matching Wheel:   Nylon
Wheel Material Code:  32A_NLXN
Diameter: 1.5" 2" 2.5" 3" 3"
Capacity: 50KG 250KG 500KG 750KG 1000KG

Products ID

Wheel size Plate swivel Hole top  swivel      
1.5" 32A01-1611 32A07-1611      
2" 32A02-1612 32A08-1612      
2.5" 32A03-1613 32A09-1613      
3" 32A04-1614 32A10-1614      
4" 32A05-1614 32A11-1614      
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